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Descriptions:802.11b/g/n 2T2R Wireless Mini USB

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The WU5508 brings the latest technology, 802.11n standard. Close to the the price of a wireless 11g dongle, Home/SOHO users can enjoy download large file and multimedia by 300Mbps.

Wireless security setup is friendly without configuring the utility. You only need to click the WPS push-button one time, then can set up a simple but safe wireless network. It can upgrade your desktop or laptop to the next level and allows you to enjoy downloading, video streaming and online gaming at the same time. It can not only provide you better internet experience but also backward compatible with the existing 802.11b/g networks.




• Support 802.11n standard

• Auto power control depends on different distance

• Support WPS in S/W and H/W for easy wireless security setup

• Support 802.11e, WMM for quality video & voice streaming over wireless connections

• Support WPA-PSK and WPA2-PSK high level security

• Both Transmit and Receive data rate up to 300Mbps (2T2R solution)

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