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2013/1/15 918.3kb   Cataloue-GS1KMEPA Click Open 243

The GS1KMEPA based modules provide cost effective,high power, and flexible platform to add Wi-Fi® connectivity for embedded devices for a variety of applications, such as wireless sensors and thermostats. It combines ARM7-based processors with an RF transceiver, 802.11 MAC, security, & PHY functions, FLASH and SRAM, onboard and off module certified antenna options, and various RF front end options for end customer range needs in order to provide a WiFi and regulatory certified IEEE 802.11 radio with concurrent application processing services for variety of applications, while leverage existing 802.11 [1] wireless network infrastructures.


• Compliant with IEEE 802.11and regulatory domains

• Dual ARM7 Processor Platform

• Interfaces is external antenna

• Embedded RTC (Real Time Clock) can run directly from battery.

• Power supply monitoring capability.

Low-power mode operations ( Sleep, Deep Sleep, and Standby)

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