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The AV2 HomePlug Gigabit Adapter, its fastest Powerline adapter to date with throughput up to one gigabit. Featuring the latest HomePlug AV2 standard, the device provides real gigabit throughput over a home or office's existing electrical wiring. Users can enjoy robust, high speed wired networking throughout their home or office for lag-free HD video streaming and online gaming.


No configuration is required, simply plug your adapters into your power sockets to establish networking infrastructure in a flash. 

Users can get their networks up and running in a flash, simply by plugging the Powerline Adapters into available power outlets, eliminating the need for time-consuming and expensive renovations previously required to establish a whole-home wired Ethernet network.




l  Easy to install, just plug in and play

l  128-bit AES encryption ensures network security simply by pressing a button on paired devices

l  Supports IGMP managed multicast IP transmission, optimizing IPTV streaming

l  Patented Power-Saving Mode, automatically reducing power consumption

l  Built-in QoS assures the quality of bandwidth sensitive applications such as voice, video and online games

l  Supports IGMP managed multicast IP transmission, optimizing IPTV streaming

l  Supports the latest Homeplug AV 2 standard





PLC Standard

HomePlug AV2 compatible 



Modulation Technique

Windowed OFDM

Data Rate

PHY Speed: 1200 Mbps

Half Duplex/Full duplex



1 Gigabit Ethernet Port



LED Indicator



EU  91.1x62.8x46.2mm
UK  91.1x62.8x36.4mm
US  91.1x62.8x34.8mm

Operating Reqirements

Operating Temperature: 0~40ºC
Storage Temperature: -30 to 70 degree C
Operating Humidity: 10~90% Non-Condensing
Storage Humidity: 10 to 95%  Non-Condensing

Power Saving

Power saving Mode: When user plug the device to outlet and no Ethernet link detected after booted and 60 second later. It will enter into standby mode

Support Eup low Power Directive



128bit AES

NPW usedefault “HomePlugAV”

Supports “Simple Connect” with Push-Button Encryption, Network Management Key and configuration security feature to secure the NVM

Layer 2 QoS Classification

VLAN Priority Field

ToS Field

CoS Field


Number of Bridged Device Per Station: 8

Number of Overlapping Network: 4

IGMP Snooping for Multicast to Multiple Unicast Mapping

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