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Power Line & SmartPlug


AboCom Systems, Inc. offers completed Power Line Communication (PLC) product selections such as the latest G.hn, HomePlug AV/AV2 and with Wi-Fi 11n/b/g integrations. AboCom also offers ODM service for Smart Energy Management products such as integration Zigbee, Zwave, or Wi-Fi with the power sensor, power measurement and control. AboCom has every piece of the technology needed to your Smart Energy product portfolio.

Models Descriptions
PLW72PMx 11AC WiFi Extender Smart Plug
PLE7500 1.2Gbps MIMO PLC Adapter (HomePlug AV2)
PLW52PMx WiFi 11n 300Mbps Extender Smart Plug
PLW5Z 500Mbps PLC + 300Mbps WIFI Extender

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